BEFORE WE TALK "ABOUT US," let's talk about you, because eNature Finds' mission and vision center around what we desire for you--to LIVE WELL. To Live Well physically from the inside out. To find the nurturing benefits of pure and natural botanicals, both beautifying and health-boosting. With all this in mind, we state our mission like this:

Our Mission:


Well being is derived when all aspects of our lives are healthy: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.
God Himself is the only Source of true healing of any kind. However, He programmed our human bodies with innate reparative and restorative functions. How well they respond correlates to how well or how poorly we supply our bodies with the appropriate kinds and amounts of nutrients He provided for us in nature. They are not magical or mystical or sacred or holy. They are simply part of His creation, perfectly matched for the bodies which He made "fearfully and wonderfully" complex. (See Psalms 139)

Our Vision:

eNATURE FINDS IS PRESENTLY in exciting days of everything new, but please know that we have carefully laid our foundations and invested tireless efforts to provide the best-in-class natural products. As our product portfolio grows we will continue that same pursuit.

MAINTAINING A CUSTOMER COMES FIRST approach means that our reputation will speak for itself. Establishing our partnership with our customers to be one of trust and reliability shows that we not only place keen focus on our product line, but on effective manpower, solid infrastructu
re, and clear communications. Our deliberate quest? To do things right - First time. Every time.

How We Began (by Martha Langley)

LIKE A MIRACLE. Looking back, that's how it was for me. One of our sons had spent many hours researching and even performing some self-testing to find a way for me to avoid further debilitation from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Because after two successful knee replacements, little time had passed before my ankles were, by early evening, giving so much pain and swelling I was reluctant to walk or stand. Presenting me with a gift of Frankincense Oil, my son encouraged me to try a few drops in a glass of water at night. That, plus rubbing a drop into each insole. Remarkably, within only three days there was significant difference. The longer I used the *Frankincense, the more mobile I became. With downtime steadily decreasing, the evening hours once void of activity became active and stamina returned. Reliance on heavy-duty prescription drugs also receded.

AS I WAS SKYPING WITH A YOUNG MAN in India (who has become a son to us) I showed him the remarkable Frankincense Oil. As he scanned through the page of advertised essential oils he said, "We should do this together." His mother, a Naturopathic doctor had given him a jump start on familiarity with the benefits of essential oils and herbs. As Vikas and I gave time to processing the details needed to begin eNature Finds, his brother and my husband came alongside. Hundreds of hours have since transpired both in the office and in the field. His sweet fiancee, and our many family members and friends have given us advice and encouragement during the long journey from What-if? to Ready-Go!

THE BLESSING FOR ME has been discovering how our Creator-Savior
so thoughtfully and intrinsically implanted leaves and blossoms with the ability to affect the human body's well being. Because of that, eNature Finds is more than a business to me. It is a way to enhance wellness for people in this complex and sometimes challenging thing we call Life. So from my perspective, our company goes forward only with God's amen. Whatever good is accomplished will be of His doing. We are the humble recipients of His love and wisdom and blessings. To share those with others is to me, double reward.

(*NOTE: One thing I have discovered along the way: When I tried ordering the bargain discount brand of Frankincense Essential Oil, the positive effects were significantly decreased. So when I read the recommendation to use only pure, therapeutic, undiluted, non-synthetic oils, I understand first-hand that anything less will be less effective.)

Our Business:

WITH CUSTOMERS IN MIND, we have thoroughly vetted processes laid into our system, we strive for seamless alignment from the moment of procurement of our products to that delivered-at-your-door moment, yielding attention to detail throughout. With increasing touch-points and a multi-product approach, we will be researching all things earth-natural. It is our goal to be Eco-friendly, cooperating with go-green efforts.

USING A UNIQUE BUSINESS PLATFORM to deliver a well-diversified and profitable environment, we implement these stratagems to serve our customers:

  • Strong Leadership both in our USA and India locations
  • Engendering Growth by our Disciplines of Focus
  • Open Communication, and Timely Response
  • Maintaining a Quality Workforce
  • Pressing for Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Giving Attention to Research and Development

Senior Management

Executive Management

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